Though the common perception is that traditional Real Estate is a safer choice of investment, it isn’t completely attainable for all. But now, F-NFT Real Estate has redefined the world of Real Estate Investment, making it possible for investors to trade fractional ownership in assets through a decentralized, liquid marketplace. This has come to mean that investment in this sector is now open to all who may want to own a piece of Real Estate. Buying into the F-NFT realm is now being considered as an alternative option for those who perhaps do not have the means to invest, as real estate requires the owner to save a substantial amount of money before placing a down payment. This is because real barriers and obstacles remain for those wanting to invest in their first property, especially for current and upcoming generations: millennials are not buying homes as readily as the previous generation, for many reasons. These include: the burden of student debt, the widening affordability gap, tighter lending criteria for those without much credit history, delaying marriage and family, and globally, the rising cost of living.

This is where F-NFT Real Estate comes in. In offering investors fractionalized ownership of properties through fractionated NFTs, Intelly addresses the aforementioned accessibility gap by offering pieces of Real Estate to those who may have never been able to dream of owning such assets before.

Addressing these accessibility gaps, BlockChain-powered platforms such as Intelly open up opportunities for clients to create, and grow their wealth passively, without the drawbacks or restrictions imposed in the real world. Within this system, clients can invest in luxury properties in Turkey, without breaking the bank. Blockchain backing means that using this technology, participants can confirm transactions without a need for a central clearing authority. Furthermore, NFT real estate defies another important obstacle: location. Traditionally, to own real estate, a person is usually required to be a citizen of a certain country, or at the least, reside in the country where the real estate lies. With NFT Real Estate opportunities, anyone, wherever they are in the world, is able to invest in any given lucrative property market.

On the platform Intelly, there are now opportunities to invest in luxury estates in popular coastal regions Turkey such as Cesme. What’s more, all of this can be done with the security that comes with BlockChain backing, which verifies the authenticity and ownership of each original plot. The ‘BlockChain’ technology basically refers to a system of recording information in a way that makes it impossible to change or cheat the system — making real estate transactions, such as the ones utilized in real estate, very secure.

To summarize, NFT Real Estate Platforms offer the opportunity to earn from rental incomes and sales for those who buy even a fraction of a real estate asset: meaning that one does not necessarily have to have enormous capital to start with, to buy into lucrative real estate opportunities. It is indeed true that F-NFT Real Estate is the new equalizer: one which does not require potential investors to start off with great amounts of capital to invest as a starting point. Anyone, anywhere can be a real estate investor with potential to multiply their investments and start reaping the rewards of the new generation of Real Estate. With innovative NFT platforms such as Intelly, you can own shares in real estate safely, within a reliable BlockChain infrastructure.