There are a lot of issues with the real estate market. The biggest issue is the time it takes, the millions it costs, and all the other companies that keep their profits.

Intelly exists to make a change in the way people invest in real estate, by providing solutions with technology & innovation, and it’s pretty exciting.

We provide solutions that speed up the process, remove any intermediaries, and also provide advanced opportunities that aren’t available to ordinary investors via blockchain technology.

Let’s see what we have done so far from our launch date, up to today:


1/14/22 — The Premiere in Dubai

We had a lot of fun at our first-ever event held at Palazzo Versace Hotel in Dubai! We were extremely excited to announce our initial coin offering (ICO). The Palazzo Versace Hotel was the perfect venue for our event as it gave our attendees a splendid view of Dubai, while also making sure they were provided with an opportunity to learn and network with some of the industry’s finest.

As it highlighted the future of real estate with its unique answers to the sector’s core difficulties, Intelly’s private premiere attracted a large audience! We’re always looking for more people who believe in what we do, and want to join us in revolutionizing the crypto space.

You can watch the event video:

Instagram Reels

2/3/22- CoinMarketCap (INTL) Token Listing

Intelly token (INTL) was listed on CoinMarketCap! With a variety of investment opportunities available on the Intelly Platform, the Intelly token (INTL) will assist investors in achieving real estate profitability.

CoinMarketCap is one of the most popular cryptocurrency resources on the internet. Millions of people use it every day to see information about popular cryptocurrencies. Keep in mind that this is a very important step for Intelly and we are honored to be included in such a resource.

You can check the listing here:

Intelly price today, INTL to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap

Intelly is a blockchain-based real estate company that is creating an easy-to-use, reliable investment platform and a…

3/16/22 — NFT integration to the system.

Intelly has successfully completed all tests and has successfully integrated the Fractionolized-NFT technology into its Smart contracts, F-NFTs are a key component of the Intelly platform’s ability to fractionalize real estate investments. With the ıntegration of F-NFTs into the smart contracts, Intelly has completed its tokenization infrastructure.

3/21/22 — Real Estate Exhibition in Cannes

Our Chief Strategy Officer Mr. Cevdet Tasceken has met with international property developers and investors at this year’s MIPIM, the leading real estate event in the world. This pre-eminent international real estate event, held in Cannes, France, welcomes all sectors of the industry including owners, investors, and sector professionals from around the world to attend and display their latest developments.

Take a look at the snapshots from the event here:

3/29/22 — Binance Blockchain Week in Dubai

We had the pleasure of attending the Binance Blockchain Week 2022 in Dubai. It was a three-day event full of interesting and insightful talks and panel discussions with fellow blockchain experts from all over the world.

Here’s a picture from the event:

5/24/22- Businesswire Interview

Businesswire, the global leader in press release distribution, featured Intelly in an article. Intelly was delighted to be interviewed about property investment in the 21st Century. The article also featured Intelly’s token structure & fractionated NFTs.

“Since regulations vary from country to country, property investors have to hire consultants and lawyers to make sense of it all.”

“Our platform will eliminate these extra costs.” –Ismet Tasceken

Read the whole article here:

FinTech Firm Intelly to Unveil Blockchain-Based Property Investment Platform in July

GENEVA–()–Intelly, a future-oriented company that combines property investment and blockchain technology, is gearing…

7/5/22 — Geneva Interview about Intelly platform and plans

In Geneva, our CEO, Ismet Tasceken, released details on the Intelly platform and discussed upcoming plans for token listing.

When asked about why Intelly also stepped foot in Geneva, our CEO answers:

“Stability and predictability are crucial in real estate investing, and the financial system here is so well designed and reliable so we decided to have a presence of our company in Geneva as well.”

He also discussed Intelly’s F-NFT platform, which simplifies many of the stages involved in real estate investing.

“Investing in real estate is profitable in the long term but requires a significant initial down payment, which could be a barrier to entry for many investors.”

F-NFT simplifies and removes the barriers to property investment.

Watch the interview here:

Read the interview article here:

Intelly Launches an Innovative Real Estate Investment Platform on 20 July 2022

GENEVA–()–Blockchain fintech company Intelly is launching a fractional NFT (F-NFT) real estate investment platform on…

7/19/22 — Project IN Completion

With Project IN, we were aiming to display to investors how our technology works and to demonstrate different investment types. As an investor, observing this case study will be a major step towards understanding our project and the bridge that Intelly creates between real estate investing and cryptocurrency with the use of blockchain technology.

You can find the details here:

Project IN

Dear followers,

7/23/22 — The #1 investment on the Intelly Platform

The first investment of the Intelly platform was launched in July! This is a great milestone on our ambitious roadmap. The house has been built with the most rigorous quality standards and features. The total sold fraction number is 12550 as F-NFTs.

See the investment details here.

8/16/22 — Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit

We were thrilled to participate in the Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit, the biggest blockchain event in Eurasia to date, which brought together leading figures in the cryptocurrency business and industry professionals to reimagine the future of finance. We were the sponsor for the event and our CEO Mr Ismet Tasceken had a speech in a panel.

Take a look at the event here:

Ismet Tasceken on Instagram: “Hope to be a part of more events like this one, to be helpful in…

Ismet Tasceken shared a post on Instagram: “Hope to be a part of more events like this one, to be helpful in anyway i…

Here is the panel:

8/25/22 — Intelly’s Board has just had a series of meetings with the officials of El Salvador. The point of these meetings was to discuss the company’s future projects and discuss possible collaborations in El Salvador.

Here’s a snapshot from the meeting:

9/14/22 — Binance Blockchain Week in Paris

We had the pleasure of attending the Binance Blockchain Week 2022 in Paris. It was a two-day event full of interesting and insightful talks and panel discussions with fellow blockchain experts from all over the world.

A photo from the event

9/24/22–5 Million USD Volume

The Intelly platform has Successfully launched and funded 7 investment options since our platform launch in July. With its latest investment option ‘Peaceful Villa In The Nature’ fully funded, Intelly has successfully reached 5 Million USD in real estate ınvestments, This milestone was reached only 60 days after the launch of our first investment.

Check all the investments here.

10/22 — Upcoming Exchange listing

Keep this a secret but we’ve been working very hard on launching our token on a well-known exchange platform! The launch date and the platform name are TBA.

Looking back at our journey, it’s been an exciting ride so far and we hope to continue the journey with your support.

Intelly is a growing company that is constantly innovating and keeping up with the latest trends in the real-estate & blockchain industry.

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