Intelly is a blockchain-based real estate investment platform that allows participants to invest in all types of real estate opportunities around the globe. The platform will enable users to invest in ongoing construction projects, residences and commercial properties.

Intelly held its first event in Dubai at the famous Palazzo Versace. The premiere of its successful initial coin offering (ICO) was held on Jan. 14. The event drew over 200 hand-picked participants from the real estate, finance and blockchain industries. The private premiere of Intelly drew huge attention from the selected crowd as it introduced the future of real estate with its unique solutions to the industry’s fundamental problems. Also, Intelly announced new strategic partnerships and showcased its roadmap ahead to achieve its vision.

During Intelly’s event at the Dubai Versace Hotel, Halit Sönmez, country director of Al-Daar Investments — one of Qatar’s leading investment firms — and İsmet Tasceken, CEO of Intelly, announced a significant partnership agreement between the parties. Intelly is well-connected in the real estate and finance industries; thus, it is likely to form new partnerships to boost the company’s rapid growth and further expand its presence in the field. Sönmez congratulated Intelly on its first investment project and upcoming future investments and stated that Intelly brought a new perspective to real estate investment and developments and that it’s going to revolutionize the industry. In addition to its investments in the ICO, he also announced that they are looking forward to expanding their collaboration in the future.

Intelly is the world’s first liquid real estate market and development investment provider, and the Intelly Token (INTL) has already started to gain interest in the cryptocurrency market. Throughout the event, investors had the chance to talk to the team and Tasceken about the financial dynamics and the underlying technology behind the Intelly platform.

The CEO of Intelly stated that the company will bring game-changing investment opportunities to the real estate market and cryptocurrency ecosystem. Also, Intelly offers a unique value proposition to everyday investors by creating a new way to invest in mega real estate projects. He also mentioned that the company is pleased to announce that it’s in close negotiations with major investment and development companies, such as Al-Daar, which is a pioneer in major investments in the Gulf region.

The number of Intelly followers has rapidly increased because of its ground-breaking strategy to change the industry from the inside as a reputable firm in the field. This approach has been the driving force behind its success. The event, rather than being a marketing organization for Intelly, was a successful demonstration that Intelly can revolutionize the old real estate industry with the power of blockchain technology and its exquisite expertise in the field. We believe what Intelly has demonstrated so far was just a snapshot of what it can accomplish in the future.

Information about Intelly’s ICO

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