This key question has been addressed to the founder and CEO of Intelly — Ismet Tasceken.

Quoting the speech presented by him (14th January Palazzo Versace Dubai — Intelly Event):

“My family business is real estate and construction for over 35 years. Myself, I am an early blockchain adapter and entrepreneur. And as a result, Intelly is a tech company combining real estate with blockchain technology.

We made it possible for our platform to enable everyone to make international real estate investments. With the Fractionalised NFT infrastructure that Intelly offers, you can be an investor, with any amount.

Another advantage of the project is that the platform allows you to invest directly, without any agency or broker.

And last but not least, Intelly shares profits with Intelly token holders, thanks to the Intelly wealth fund. The fund enables investors to receive recurring revenue, generated by real estate investments.”

To find out more details check the white paper here.