Adapting the concept of blockchain and smart contracts to real estate industry makes Intelly stand out for investors all around the globe. Additionally, with fractionalized NFTs, Intelly allows investors to have fractionalized ownership of various assets.

Fractionalized NFTs are created by locking an NFT into a smart contract. With these innovations, Intelly opens the doors for making real estate transactions simpler and faster than ever.

Intelly engages into new and logical constructions of valuable assets to create the best investment opportunities for its investors. With this innovation, anyone across the entire world will be able to make small or bigger scale investments with his/her Intelly tokens (INTL). This way, Intelly offers a great flexibility and diversity with unique projects at once.

Make sure to visit our website from the link below and check out our whitepaper, everything you need to know about Intelly is written there.

Intelly Team