Intelly is a company established to offer people brand new investment opportunities by blending blockchain technology and real estate. One of the things that makes Intelly special is that it adapts blockchain technology, making investment processes much faster and safer. This is possible thanks to smart contracts. In addition, Intelly offers investors fractionalized ownership of properties through fractionated NFTs. This is achieved by locking NFTs into smart contracts. Thanks to these innovations, Intelly makes real estate investments faster, more reliable, and easier than ever before.

Intelly tokenizes properties, eliminating location-based limits. In this way, an investor can simply invest in property anywhere in the world, wherever they want. In addition, these investments have returns as rental income. Tokenization makes transactions transparent and secure. Thus, the highest possible security standards can be achieved thanks to blockchain technology.

As mentioned above, Intelly was established with the aim of creating its own investment platform and creating its own real estate market in order to offer these investment opportunities to people. Intelly offers new innovation such as its own wealth fund, reserve, and exchange.

The Intelly wealth fund has been created to share profitability with INTL holders, who are not participating in any investment opportunity on the Intelly platform. This enables holders to get a share of real estate’s profitability without the burden of settling on a specific investment. Due to the fact that the wealth fund has a large investment portfolio spread across the globe and different real-estate related industries, it minimizes the risk by spreading out the locations and industries all across the world. %3 of the revenue generated on the Intelly platform is invested in the wealth fund. The funds will be re-invested by the wealth fund in real estate and financial investments all around the globe. This allows for risk minimization, because the wealth fund is not bound to the risks of a specific asset, or geographic restraints. Half of the profit generated by the wealth fund is re-invested while the other half is distributed to INTL token Holders via airdrop.

On the flip side, the Intelly reserve has been created to keep the Intelly ecosystem healthy. It has been designed to grow and keep INTL investments secure. From each INTL token that is invested on the Intelly platform, 1% of the transaction amount will be transferred to the Intelly reserve. In addition to creating a security reserve for investments, this also stimulates deflation. The Intelly reserve acts as a security reserve for investors.

The Intelly exchange is a liquid real estate market where F-NFT’s are priced by the market, based on the underlying asset’s profitability. Investors will be able to buy and sell their F-NFTs on the Intelly exchange. On the Intelly exchange, projects which are tokenized via F-NFT’s will be listed, and investors will be able to switch from any real estate investment to another in just a few seconds. For example, investors will have the opportunity to switch from a tourism-based investment like a hotel, to a more stable investment like an apartment complex, or a logistic based investment like a warehouse or a luxury yacht marina. This grants investors great flexibility whilst investing. This is made possible by Intelly’s F-NFT infrastructure, and the high liquidity of the real estate market that Intelly creates.

By blending all these innovations, Intelly tries to integrate blockchain technology and real estate in the best way possible. Intelly, which sets out with a vision that will attract the attention of investors from all over the world with the projects and initiatives it plans to implement in the future, aims to be a guide on the way to the future of real estate.